The following was posted on Pixar Planet in response to two Planeteers speaking up against studio-based discrimination:

I’m really heartened to read your posts, x3haijessiex3 and MissCarrera; that’s the right attitude. I went on a little tirade on Twitter about how someone cheesed me off for being really insensitive towards other (non-Pixar) animated films and basically being an intolerant knucklehead.

Look, I know a lot people love Pixar and their movies. I know, because I am a fan too. But we should open our hearts and minds to other studios’ efforts too, and come to the realisation that Pixar doesn’t own a monopoly on quality animation. Not anymore. There’s no one ‘Best’ studio in the world, just as much as it’s ridiculous to claim that one film is the ‘Best’, or one race is the ‘Best’, or one religion is the ‘Best’, or one country is the ‘Best’. You get the picture.

Again, I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to your own opinion. But please express it in a well-reasoned, level-headed and polite manner, especially if you are talking to people with vested interests in the very things you are criticising. I’m sick and tired of people who say “Cars 2 sucks!” but don’t give a reason. Or “Rango is stupid” and then give some half-cocked diatribe. Or “Toy Story 3 is the most emotional movie ever made” and doesn’t give enough evidence to support such a tall claim.

The moment we choose to be narrow or close-minded, we become arrogant and ‘supremacists’. And it is these same individuals who founded the Nazi party, or say that mentally-challenged children should be locked away in asylums, or those insensitive idiots who laugh at Paralympians. I’m sorry to extend the definition to such lengths, but this is how I feel about certain Pixar fans I’ve encountered in Real-Life and on the Internet. 

I can stand if you’re stupid, cos’ we are all ignorant to an extent (I can’t say, for example, that I know how old Steven Seagal is, so I’m ‘stupid’ in that way). I can stand if you’re physically-weak, cos’ we are all weak to an extent (either by genetics or our lifestyle habits). I can stand if you get angry or upset occasionally, as we all are humans and we have our moments of passion or self-doubts.

What I cannot stand is those who are prejudiced and don’t make an effort to learn more about the ‘Other’. This can mean anything from race, culture, religion, political ideologies, TV shows, countries, and yes, even movies.

By rejecting the strange and unknown, we are not open to the infinite possibilities of life’s many wonders. :| 

*End soapbox session*

So to those of you who are doubting Cars 2, you are entitled to that opinion. I, for one, have expressed some doubts. But this doesn’t mean that we should be dismissive of it entirely (just as I have praised and complimented certain aspects). The key is to choose the ‘Middle Path’ and acknowledge both the strengths and weaknesses of the subject, without devolving into a fan-worshipper or a hater-troll.

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